Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where's my award?

Because surely I get one for making my kids these to take to the sitter today:

Oh wait. That's right. I relinquished my award when I used this:

And this:

I did have coupons for both items. Does that at least earn me some bonus points? Oh that's right. It doesn't, because last night I realized I am guilty of coupon fraud. My coupons were for Betty Crocker frosting. You will note, the container above is Duncan Hines. I was so careful to make sure I had the right size container. I distinctly remember standing in the aisle with my coupon poised, deliberately selecting the proper container. Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in ounces, I neglected to look at brand. The coupon still worked, though, and now I'm a criminal. Super.

Well at the very least, I should get an award for not eating the frosting straight out of the can. I love store-bought frosting. Growing up, my mom always made her own frosting, and I've always done the same. And homemade frosting is good, but it doesn't have that incredible creamy consistency of store-bought. If I let myself, I'm pretty confident that I could polish off a container of frosting in one sitting. (Though the thought of that much sugar does make my teeth hurt.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. And when you go shopping on Friday, please, make sure to check your coupons.