Friday, November 21, 2008

How times have changed...

Imagine if you will, a day spent lounging around your house. Well, maybe not lounging, but, perhaps, puttering. Let's say it's a Saturday. You have no appointments to go to, no place you need to be. You will be spending the day doing random projects around the house. A little light cleaning, some vacuuming, maybe bake a cake.

And you will do it all wearing this:

Normally, I would chalk this sort of thing up to nostalgia. Yeah, Mrs. Cleaver wears something like this, but surely normal women in the 40s and 50s did not. However, this pattern is specificially labeled, "a one piece dress or house coat." The fact that they described this as a house coat tells me that women actually wore this as such. A house coat is something you wear around the house. Something you do random chores in. Something you throw on first thing in the morning. Something you don't necessarily mind slopping flour on.

Please tell me: where is the woman who wore this around the house?

Or how about this "Ladies' 'Pyjamas', or Lounging Ensemble":

Before I continue with my incredudulity, I do have to comment on the brilliance of that apron on the middle garment. See how it buttons on in the front? Now that's brilliant. Love it.

But really? Pjs? Someone wore these to bed? Clearly, someone did. Surely they would not have labeled them pyjamas if there weren't at least a few women who wore them as such. Especially perplexing is that the outfit seems to be made of cotton. Can you imagine having pjs that you needed to iron? You wouldn't have to iron them, I suppose. You are just wearing them to bed. But I'm anal like that. I would feel obligated to iron them.

So again, tell me, where is the woman who wore these to bed?

Like I said...
how times have changed.