Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm a Company Girl

You may have noticed the button on the right side of my blog, proudly annoucing, "I'm a Company Girl!" (Or maybe not. If you're like me and read all your blogs in a reader, you have no idea what I'm talking about. While you're welcome to click through, it's really not that big of a deal. Wow, do I get off on tangents, or what?)

Warning: the blog that I'm going to link to plays music. The player is near the top, on the left-hand side. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. I hate when I'm secretly blog-surfing at work and then some rock song kicks in, very loudly, over my speakers.

So what's a Company Girl? It's the brainchild of Rachel Anne at Home Sanctuary, a bit along the lines of FlyLady. Each day she posts a small challenge and awards points for completeing it. We're not talking big things--yesterday, you just had to do something involving bubbles. It didn't have to be cleaning. You could blow bubbles or drink champange. The idea is that by doing small things every day, you get a sense of a accomplishment and all that jazz. (Really, she does a better job of explaining it on her site, so you should go check it out.) At the end of the month, she with the most points gets a small prize.

And you know me. I'm a sucker for anything gimmicky. I've been staring at those sheets on the floor in my closet for three weeks now. But tell me I get 40 points for picking them up? Well, hot damn, I'm all over it then!

So thanks to these silly, arbitrary points (that suddenly mean so much to me), I have accomplished the following things this week:
Monday: scrubbed my kitchen sink. (Which really wasn't that bad, but it's not like it hurt anything.)
Tuesday: did laundry. (Which had piled up for an embarrassingly long time. Seriously. If you all know what a bad housekeeper I really am, you'd never come back to this blog.)
Wednesday: finally folded those sheets. And put them away. Woot!

Slightly off-topic, but speaking of those sheets, how often do you really change your bedding? I know you're supposed to do it once a week. I aim for once a month. We're not overly dirty people. It seems sufficient to me. (And considering that, prior to moving in with WunderHubbee, I probably changed my sheets twice a year, this is major progress. I'd also like to mention that I now make the bed every day. Yeah, yeah, that's what grown-ups do. But again, I used to make my bed twice a year. This alone is a huge step for me.)

So what's the verdict? Is this totally disgusting? Should I change them more often? (I probably won't, but I am interested in the thoughts of others.)

ETA: I added a poll on the right, so you don't need to incriminate yourself if you don't want to.