Friday, February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

A conversation I had at the grocery store yesterday:
I walk in and see a large display of fresh, bakery-made bread, for 99 cents a loaf. I excitedly grab a loaf. A man standing next to the display says to me, "Good price on bread."
I say jubilantly, "I know! I can't make it for this!"
He looks at me like I am from Mars.
Sometimes, I should just keep my thoughts to myself.

I am so over snow. I am over winter. I want sun and warmth. I've had the "blahs" for the last month and haven't felt like doing a damn thing. Accordingly, please do not come to my home and ask to use the bathroom.

I don't "get" Valentine's day. Sure, I understand the symbolism and all that jazz. But I don't "get" the women who insist that they have to out for a "romantic" dinner on Valentine's day. I think waiting tables for so long (almost 10 years) jaded me, because I see nothing romantic about going out on the same night as every other couple in town, waiting an hour for a table, and then being shoved out just as quickly as possible to make room for the next couple waiting for a table. Ryan offered to take me out this year. I told him to wait until St. Patrick's day.

Expect a similar rant at Mother's Day.

I'm finally getting around to sewing up a skirt that I've had cut out for ages. How many ages? Since right after I had Leah. 25 lbs ago. I have a very strong feeling that this skirt is not going to fit me when it's done. But I have it cut out. It would be silly to do nothing with it. And it is really cool fabric. (Anyone out there a size 16 or so?)

I am considering moving over to WordPress. I've got a blog set up over there and I'm playing around with it. It seems to have a lot more options to play around than Blogger does.

Inspired by Chris's post, can I just say that I really, intensely dislike altar girls? Chris has a good reason (altar boys were originally to foster vocations to the priesthood), and I could steal hers, but the truth is, it just seems wrong to me. The altar girl phenomenon started, around here, when I was in junior high or so. Call me sexist, but it's just one of those things that girls should not do.

Why do people buy sports cars if they're going to drive the speed limit? The speed limit on the main drag in town here is 30. NO ONE drives that slowly. Little old ladies in their Dynasties don't drive that slowly. And yet, I inevitably get behind the balding, middle-aged man, in the midst of his midlife crisis, driving his little red corvette*, tottering along at 29 miles per hour. Are you kidding me, buddy!?

*Did you know that the song "Little Red Corvette" is NOT about a car? At all? I'm probably the last person on Earth to realize this.