Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quotes from the Kitchen

"There is no wrong egg. Except those."

I taught Ryan to make scrambled eggs this weekend. (Yes, he's 25 and never made them. Yes, his mom failed him somewhere along the line.) Since his work schedule has changed, he now has time to make them before work. Today was his first time making them all by himself.

I had just gotten out of the shower. As I opened the bathroom door, I heard him positively beating an egg. I almost said something but thought, "No, he'll never learn to do it on his own if I don't let him." Suddenly he asks, "Are these the right eggs?"

Thinking he was referencing the fact that there were two cartons of eggs in the fridge, I said, "There is no wrong egg." And then I stepped into the kitchen.

And saw that he was attempting to crack a boiled egg.

After much laughter, I explained that there was no wrong egg.....except those.

(On the bright side, I had been planning on having one of the boiled eggs for breakfast, anyway, and he had bashed it so much that it was basically peeled for me.)