Saturday, September 20, 2008

Keepin' it Real

Lovely Heather, over at Wanting What You Have, has been kind enough to host a "Keepin' it Real" blog carnival. In an effort to show other moms that none of us really has it all together, we're posting pictures of what our homes really look like. Not what they look like just after we've cleaned, or after the kids are neatly tucked in bed, but what it would likely look like if you dropped in for a visit. Since it was my bright idea that Heather host such a thing, I figured I better participate.

The pictures below are in no particular order, so bear with me.

A sweater and shoes haphazardly thrown on our bedroom floor.

The basket of the kids' laundry that is begging to be done.

The master closet. The pile of laundry next to the dresser is dirty. The pile of laundry in the foreground is clean, but (obviously) unfolded.

The living room. Actually, this is better than it is sometimes. He didn't really go to town with the lids today like he usually does. My mom was here this morning, though, and Grandma is usually more interesting than lids.

Our closet again. In case you didn't see enough of our dirty laundry. (HA! A pun!)

Another view of the living room. That box on the couch is full of old Workbasket magazines that my brought for me to look at.

A strange, angled shot of my kitchen/dining area.

This is the floor in my dining area. Those dark flecks are pieces of fabric from cutting out my dress last night (until after midnight, in case you were wondering).

There were a couple more pics, including one of the bathroom, but they seem to have disappeared. I just cleaned the bathroom yesterday, though, so it wasn't too horrifying, anyway. Speaking of which, I decided I need to clean the bathroom more often--Ryan noticed that I had cleaned it. I could take that as a sign of his attentiveness, but I think it's more indicative of the state of the bathroom.

To reiterate what Heather says in her post, the point of this carnival is to prove to all bloggers--perhaps most importanly, ourselves--that no one's home is perfect. If you've got kids, you've got clutter. And it's not the end of the world. 30 years from now, all my kids will be grown up and moved on. When that time comes, then I can have an immaculate house. But for now, I've got a darling little boy who thinks every lid in the drawer needs to be carefully examined. I've got a little girl who decided today that chewing on furniture is fun. No, my home isn't immaculate, and it never will be. But it's far more important to me that my children remember me as a mother who was involved in their lives and interested in who they were as people, rather than as someone whose house passed the white-glove test.

Later on, I'll be posting some pictures of our fall/Halloween decorations. And, yes--those will be carefully staged :)