Friday, June 27, 2008

A Productive Day

Not the most exciting title, for sure, but it's how I feel about today.

The day started out good. On a whim, I stopped at a rummage sale on my way to work and found this beauty:

Complete with all this:

Yeah, I know....I need another sewing machine like I need another hole in my head. But it was $20! And can you see what fabulous condition it is in? The woman said she had it serviced and then never touched it. In the picture, you can kind of see the sticker on the bed of the machine; that has the date of the last servicing on it: January, 1981. The red test cloth was still under the needle when I opened it up. Honestly, I was still a bit nervous about how it would run. Even if it was serviced before it sat for all that time, it's still been setting, unused, for longer than I've been on the planet. I spent my lunch break trying it out; it sews like a dream. It's known as a semi-industrial machine, and from what I've read, will sew through nearly anything. I tried it out tonight on my toilet seat cover. I needed to sew a piece of elastic on to hold it on the lid. It was so thick, it only just fit under the presser foot. I was nervous, but trudged onward. The machine didn't even hesitate. It sewed through that all that thickness like it was butter. This is definitely the best $20 I've spent in a long time.

Because I sewed away my lunch hour, we ended up having a "cheater" supper: a Cambell's Supper Bake. I'm not gonna lie--it was the best "supper in a box" sort of thing I've had in a long time. I forget how much it cost; I got it a couple of weeks back to have on hand for just such an occasion. It was worth it, though; very tasty.

After supper, I gave Leah a bath, her first bath in the kitchen sink. It went relatively well. She kept wanting to stretch out her legs and push herself up out of the water (and it was not too hot or anything), but otherwise seemed to enjoy it. After her bath, I fed her and put her to sleep.

Then, it was Darren's turn for a bath. While he bathed, I cleaned the bathroom. It was well overdue for a thorough cleaning. (Tell me, how a man who can accurately throw a baseball 90 miles an hour across a plate 90 feet away, is unable to hit a toilet less than two feet in front of him?) The tub still needs to be scrubbed (I couldn't very well do that with Darren in it), but I'll do that later this weekend.

Then Darren and I watched "Singing in the Rain." Gotta love musicals. After Darren went to sleep, then the fun began. I dusted, including above all the door ways, put away a couple of piles I had around the apartment ("Hot Spots" in FlyLady terms), and folded a pile of laundry I had dumped on the bed this morning.

Okay, somehow this looks much less impressive in print.

This weekend, I've got big plans, we'll see if it all gets done:

*(Saturday) Get up early, go to a couple of rummage sales.
*Change bedding.
*Stop at sitter's and drop off check (forgot to do that today...oops).
*Get quarters, do laundry.
*Dig out the next size larger rubber pants for Leah.
*Clean the kitchen (including fridge....ugh).
*Clean the bathtub.
*Plan the menu for at least the next week, ideally for the month.

Stop back Sunday night and see how productive I was!

Not that much, really, but I'd like to go to my parents' tomorrow morning.