Sunday, June 29, 2008

How did I do?

Well, let's review the list:

*(Saturday) Get up early, go to a couple of rummage sales.
Well, I did over-sleep. But, I did get to the first rummage sale in time to find this:

A Rubbermaid tote filled with old/vintage patterns. I could barely contain my glee when I spotted them. I asked the man how much they were, expecting a response like, a quarter a piece. Instead he said, "What'll you give me for all of 'em? Mama had 'em up in the attic and if I don't sell them, they'll just go in the trash." I offered $5, which he seemed thrilled to get.

I almost felt bad only giving him $5. There's something kinda cute about a grown man referring to his mother as "Mama." (Although, my mom's parents were known to them as Mother and Daddy. It's kinda funny/cute to hear my uncles--ranging in age from 48 to 70--talk about "Daddy".)

*Change bedding.
Check. Since I over slept, I sprung out of bed and immediately started stripping it. I even washed the bed skirt AND I rotated the mattress. (I did not, however, move the bed and vacuum under it and clean behind it. I definitely should have, it just didn't cross my mind until much later.

*Stop at sitter's and drop off check (forgot to do that today...oops).

*Get quarters, do laundry.
Check. I washed it all yesterday and folded it all today. (Well, that's a half lie. I've got a load of diapers and a load of kids' clothes drying right now. But the bulk of the laundry got done yesterday.)

*Dig out the next size larger rubber pants for Leah.

Done. I even moved the couch, the toy box, and the chair!

*Clean the kitchen (including fridge....ugh).
Done, thank God. I took everything out of the fridge, shelves and all, and wiped down the entire inside. As I was sitting on the floor cleaning out the bottom drawer, Ryan came in and said, "Wow. You weren't kidding when you said you were going to clean. You must really be into this; I wouldn't want to do that." I laughed and said, "It's NOT fun and I DON'T want to do it, but it's something that needs to be done." I'd rank cleaning the fridge up there with cleaning the bathroom. I'd be hard pressed to pick which one I dislike more.

*Clean the bathtub.
Um....not quite.

*Plan the menu for at least the next week, ideally for the month.
Yeah, well....I didn't exactly get this done, either.

Come on. You didn't expect me to get everything done, did you? I did, however, clean out, vacuum, and dust my car. Let me assure you, my car needed a cleaning far more than my bathtub. It was a worthy trade-off.

Today, I got up early and cantored for 8:00 a.m. mass. I wish I could say I did a fabulous job. Honestly, I did a decent job. The songs were all new to me (the organist in my home parish has a very limited repertoire, so I don't know many of the songs we sing here), and the pianist was not the one I practiced with. This woman plays much faster. If I knew the songs, I wouldn't be a huge problem, but when you're uncertain anyway, flying through the songs doesn't help me. I did feel a little bit better about it, though, when, after mass, a man stopped me in the gas station to tell me I had done a nice job. When someone gives me a compliment, my instinct is to argue with them ("Oh, me? No, not really, I kinda sucked it up today."), but today I just said thank you.

While the kids napped, I finished up a loaf of no-knead sourdough bread. It was marginally successful. Either I'm not meant to make sourdough bread or my oven's thermostat is off. This is the third loaf of sourdough bread I've attempted to make. The third recipe. Each one comes out with a thick, crunchy, almost hard, golden crust, and an under-baked middle. It's not terrible; it's edible. Though he's not crazy about the crust, Ryan likes the bread over-all, so it wasn't a complete waste, but I'm highly annoyed. I think I need to make one, old-fashioned loaf of yeast bread, just to reassure myself that I'm not a baking failure. Cooking and baking have always come fairly naturally to me, so this sort of failure is not something I'm used to. (I suppose it's God, trying to humble me.)

Despite the failed loaf of bread, I'm still pretty pleased with the weekend over-all. The weekend ended too quickly, as always, but knowing that this week is a short one makes going back to work tomorrow easier!