Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What do we have here....

...but a (nearly) finished Acordian! I need to purchase and sew in the zipper (I can't wait *heavy sarcasm*).

I haven't actually tried it on Darren, yet. I'll admit: I'm still a bit nervous about the apparent narrowness of this. I know ribbing pulls in, so I'm trying to assure myself that it will fit fine.

I am extremely proud of my side seams (the toothpicks mark exactly where the seams are):
This is the best seaming I have ever done. It's the first time I am confident that I did it right. Though pride is a sin, I don't feel too bad about being extremely proud of those seams.

I am not, however, completely thrilled with the under-arm seams (shown with my hand shoved in the sleeve, to stretch it out a bit, so you could actually see something):

(I know it's too bright, but it's the best of several pictures I took. Bear with me.) I am confident that I did the best I could seaming this part. But it was difficult. My main issue was that, unlike the side seams, I was unable to follow one row up each side for the seam. Also, I found the purls to be more difficult to seam than the knits. Had this been the only issue, I probably could have made it more presentable, but coupled with the increases (and, thus, the inability to follow one row for the entire seam), it made for less than perfection. (I suppose that's what I get for being so darn proud of my side seams.)
Live action shots to follow, as soon as the zipper is installed.