Thursday, November 1, 2007


National Blog Posting Month. The goal? Post every day for the month of November. Can I do it? Honestly, probably not. But as a new blogger (well, a new blog anyway), it's a good thing for which to aspire. Shmooshy (who I found on Ravelry...seriously, what a great place), suggested that she may do "Food Friday" to keep her on track. I rather like that idea and I'm totally going to steal it from her. (I credited her, though. That counts for something, right?)

As I suspected, I made a mistake in my re-typing of the Romper pattern. I'm not sure how, but I completely f'ed up row 2. Ask me how I found that out.... By doing rows 8, 1, and 2 about five times, and checking rows 8 and 1 several times, only then did I think to check row 2. Yup. Completely off. Not even remotely close. Sigh. So I wrote it in correctly and commenced. I got another repeat done (only 8 rows), and then suddenly realized it looked like crap. I considered leaving it, but ulitmately decided that even if I was the only one who noticed, it would drive me nuts forever. So...out it came (fortunately, that was only about 16 rows). At this rate, I'm going to be on kid #4 before I finish it.

Also, in retrospect, I'm less than thrilled with the cupcakes I made the other day. They're pretty dry. I suspect it may be in part because I used 2% instead of whole milk, but I have hard time believing that that's all of it. One of the men commented that they were pretty dry and "not up to my usual standards." (I adore this man for his honesty. All the rest lie to be nice. Him, I can trust.) Now I feel obligated to bake Cupcake another batch of cupcakes. I just need to find a good recipe.
I've made pretty good progress on Accordian, especially considering that I'm mainly only working on it at the bar. (Sorry I didn't think to rotate the picture.) As you can see, I'm done with the back and fronts and have the shoulders seamed. The other night, I just cast on for one of the sleeves.

It looks really narrow, but with my mom's help I tried it on Darren this afternoon and finger pinned it in place. I was unsure, but Mom said that, "it fit, with plenty of room to stretch left." Mom's brutally honest (the way I like it), so her assurance does help assuage my apprehension.

I'm not sure how thrilled I am with my shoulder seams:
I'm pretty confident in seaming side seams, but when it comes to sewing together two bound off edges....not so much. I do have the "Knitters Guide to Finishing Techniques," but I didn't have it with me at the time, nor have I had a chance to refer to it for advice, yet. I did as well as I could, but I'm just unsure. Are they okay? Do they scream "HOMEMADE!"? Do I need to take them out?