Monday, November 12, 2007

Funny Feet

So what did I do after I finished Accordian? (Which, by the way, was kinda anti-climatic. I guess I expected trumpets and fanfare. And confetti.) I finally got around to fixing some socks. I'd been putting off fixing them for ages (oh, nearly a year), so you can imagine my surprise when it took less than an afternoon to fix them.

Yeah, they were supposed to look like that ;) The socks were a pair I got in Sockapaloooza 3 last year. They were knit of a lovely cashmere yarn. So you can imagine my sorrow when I snagged one the socks and ripped a large hole in it. The other sock was wearing thin at the ball of the foot, as well. I couldn't bear to throw such a lovely pair of socks, so I improvised. I frogged the top half of the socks and reknit them. No, they don't match, but they are wearable. Really, how many people see my toes, anyway? Plus, they now make me smile when I put them on. You really can't beat that.

I was going to fix another pair, as well, but when I got to looking at them, I decided they weren't worth it. The yarn I had used wasn't an especially high-quality sock yarn, so they had pilled and felted quite a bit. Though I was sad, those socks I tossed.