Thursday, October 18, 2007

Garage Sales

As a lover of all things old-fashioned, I'm especially enamoured of old patterns. A couple months ago, I hit a great bargain at a rummage sale: two large boxes of vintage patterns (some from the 30s!) for $5. I didn't think I could top that. Until this weekend. Click to see what I found.

(As well as a couple of pictures of a dress I sewed. I would have posted the pics on here, but I was too lazy to upload them again.)

And what do you suppose that bounty cost me? The worldly sum of: FREE!

I did buy a few other things there as well: some scraps of fabric that should work well for a baby quilt, some baby yarn (that I definately do not need!), and 3 sewing books. My grand total? $1. The yarn was the most expensive, at 50 cents. I sure broke the bank there, let me tell ya.

I'm sad to see rummage sale season winding down, but thrilled with some of the bargains I'm finding. I suspect poor Darren doesn't even know what it's like to wear new clothes .

I hope to get some baking (chocolate cake and bread) and cooking (fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy) done tomorrow, so I should have some delectable pics for ya then.