Thursday, October 18, 2007

Baby Clothes

Or maybe this would be better titled: "In which I find I'm too cheap to buy (new) baby clothes."

Darren has a ton of baby clothes, very few of which I've bought new (those I have bought new were almost exclusively on sale). Most of his clothes have either been given to me, sold to me by a coworker very cheap (50 cents/item), bought at rummage sale, or bought at Goodwill. Yesterday, though, in trying to find something for him to wear, I discovered that he has very few pants. No problem, I thought, I'll run to Kmart and pick up a couple of pairs.

Apparently, I had no idea what baby clothes really costs! I bought three pairs. The pair you see above is the only pair I'm keeping. They were $4.99, which is what I expected to pay. The two other pairs are going back today. While they were on sale, for $7.49, they are normally $10.99/pair! I cannot be alone in thinking it's ridculous to spend $10+ on something he's going to wear two months. (The fact that I am currently pregnant and plan to have many more children is irrelevant, as far as I am concerned.)

I was content (though far from thrilled) with the $7.49 price, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how stupid I was being. Here I am, a girl with more sewing machines than I can shake a stick at (5, at last count). Here I am, a girl with more fabric than I know what to do with--and a good chunk of that fabric is denim! Here I am, a girl dozens of children's sewing patterns that I have yet to touch!

So today I dug out my trusty Kwik Sew's Sewing for Baby and traced out master pattern 16--a very basic pair of elastic waist pants. I'd love to say that I got 3 pairs sewed up today, but alas, tracing is as far as I got. The pattern is a very simple one, though, (as I knew it would be), and I hope to get at least one pair, if not two, sewn tomorrow.

What I like best about sewing my own is knowing that I can put an extra-long hem on them. (The pattern calls for 2"; I plan on doing 4".) Since my boy is already tall and seems to be growing far faster length-wise than width-wise (which is a good thing, I suppose!), this seems like a very practical plan.

In totally unrelated news, I recently discovered the world of "mommy" podcasts. I newly subscribed to a couple this morning, and while I haven't had time to listen to them, yet, I'm looking forward to hearing them on my many trips in the car.

In school, I was always lousy at writing conclusions to my papers. It looks like I'm still bad at writing conclusions. Some things never change.