Friday, January 9, 2009

Poll Time

I've shared with a couple people now my extrordinary glee that Leah is almost walking. The reason, though, isn't exactly anything as pure and wholesome as maternal pride. It has more to do with this sort of thing:

I can put her in dresses! Yes, I know I could have been putting her in dresses all along. But when she was little-little, I was holding her all the day, and dresses spent more time up under her armpits than over her tummy. And now that she's crawling, the skirt tends to get caught up in her legs. (Plus, it's January. I don't know what the weather is like where you are [stop gloating CatholicMom and Milehi], but today the high is supposed to be 25. I don't want to wear a dress when it's that cold!)

She's not walking, yet, but if she follows Darren's trend, she'll be walking in the next month or two. Which means....if I start sewing now, she'll have a closetfull of dresses come this summer.

And this, my friends is where I need your help. I've decided on making the above dress in these fabrics:

Which one should be the main color, and which should be the yoke and gores? Please have mercy on an indecisive blogger and participate in the poll on the right.