Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's a Christmas Slideshow!

I'll have a "real" post later today, but for now, I thought I'd put up a post of our Christmas decorations here. I'm not normally big on slideshows, but there's a lot of pictures, so I thought it might be easier this way.

If you have good eyes, you may have noticed something odd about this picture:

Like, I don't know, that there's a cop in the manger and only two kings. We got the Little People Nativity Scene last week. I rationalized that it was for the kids, but I think we all know that it was mostly for me. That's why I"m a bit distraught that my children have somehow managed to lose the third king. I searched the apartment high and low, but I cannot find the little guy.

Enter: Little People Cop (thanks, Wendy!).

Ryan decided that adding him to the nativity made it more complete. Apparently, the third king is not lost, as I had imagined, but rather, he is in witness protection. The cop is there to protect the others from King Herod and the Romans. Ryan says that it's just common sense that you should have someone with a gun protecting the Savior of the World.

I'm certain that the third king will turn up some time around in Easter. But really, our nativity is just that much cooler than all the "normal" ones out there. Who wants a king when you can have a cop?

(Ryan also suggested that perhaps the third king discovered that his gold was counterfeit, so he's going back to the store to exchange it. Don't worry; he saved his receipt.)