Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photographic Proof

Just in case you doubted whether the "dress" actually fit my child (and not just a random stuffed animal), I present the following evidence:

You can see the "dress" better here.

You can see her, in all her adorable-ness, better here.

Mother and daughter, in coordinated glory.

You may be wondering to youself, "Why did she put 'dress' in quotation marks up there?" (Or maybe you're simply wondering, "How did she produce such cute children?") It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the "dress" isn't a dress at all. It doesn't even come close to covering her tush. While it came out very nicely, and it fits her well, it is merely a blouse. Absolutely nothing about it is even remotely dress-like. I have no idea what happened. I double checked the pattern. It's definitely a dress. I cut it out properly. I don't think Leah is freakishly tall.

Perhaps Cookie nibbled on the hem one night.


As for future sewing, I may be taking a bit of a breather. I do have another skirt, cut out and zig-zagged, that got put on hold for the Great Coordinating Outfit Project of 2008. It will be my first project with pockets, so I am both excited (because I love pockets) and nervous (because I'm sure I will louse it up).

And after a lengthy sabatical, I seem to be getting into knitting again. (It would seem that having two children in 13 months effectively dries up one's desire to knit....my husband would likely argue that it dries up one's desire to do other things, as well, but I digress.) I'm working on a sweater for Leah, that I hope to finish for Christmas. It's fairly simple, a top-down raglan, with a zig-zag lace inset.

I've also resurrected a pair of socks that were supposed to be mom's Christmas present, um, *cough*, last year. Okay, that's a half-lie. The socks that were supposed to be last year's present lay untouched for the last several months, at least. They're a lacy pattern that I have done before and love, but even easy lace is difficult to knit with two brats darling children needing your attention every few minutes. In lieu of those socks (which she will get someday, though I suspect it will be at least a year from now), I started a pair of simple ribbed socks from some yarn I dyed a couple summers back. I'm uncertain about the colors, but Mom likes them. I finally finished up the first sock of the pair last night, and hope to get the second one finished before Christmas.

I will try to get pictures of the pertinent knitting up tonight, as well as a meal plan, and a couple new recipes.