Thursday, October 23, 2008


Lest you all think I'm a one-trick pony and can only sew, I present some of my knitting:

This is the sock I finished the other night, that will hopefully become part of a pair before Christmas. A couple of summers back, my Stitch 'n' Bitch group got together and dyed yarn. I'll be honest: I'm not crazy about the colors. I added the brown and orange only at the urging of another knitter, and I've always regretted it. My mom likes the colors, though (at least, she says she does), so I told her I make her a pair of socks out of it. And frankly, even if she does secretly believe that the yarn is ugly, does it matter? It's a sock. Eventually, it will wear out. Who cares if it's ugly?

And here is Leah's sweater:

The yarn is Brown Sheep sport weight, and it's navy, not royal blue. I guess you're just going to have to take my word that it looks like this:

I was by myself and trying to prevent it from rolling up so you could see the lace. Clearly, it did not work well. (What? My foot isn't a great sweater model?)

I will admit, I'm a little nervous about how this is going to end up. I cast on for the size one. Long story short, the directions were clear, I was day dreaming, and now I have enough stitches for a size two. I was too lazy to rip back, so I trudged onward. From what I can tell at this point, it doesn't look freakishly disproportionate. I suspect when I divide the arms and body (it's a top-down raglan) things will be clearer. I'm praying that it works out. (Is there a patron saint of knitting?)


I've got some recipes and cooking stuff to post about, too, but for the sake of clarity, I'm going to make that a separate post. Stay tuned!