Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alas, the sewing machine did not arrive last night. Apparently, I misunderstood. He's going to deliver it sometime this week. Either tonight or tomorrow. Unfortunately for him, this now means that my children are going to be at his feet. I had arranged for everyone to disappear last night. I can't make that happen two more nights.

I was, however, able to read, in complete silence, for over an hour and a half. Although, it wasn't really complete silence. I listened to a record of Bach's Mass in B Minor. Shockingly, Ryan's not big into sacred music sung in Latin, so it's not something I listen to much when he's around.

I am however, attempting to bribe him into taking me to a Latin high mass in St. Paul when we go up at the end of September. (No, I haven't told him yet that it will requrie he wear something nicer than shorts and flip-flops. Let's keep that hush-hush for a bit. And no, I will not tell you what I am bribing him with. If your mind is as dirty as mine, it shouldn't take much imagination to figure out.)

In case you were concerned that I wore a doily to mass again last Sunday, I offer you this:

I'm delighted to report I felt much less conspicuous wearing a proper veil.


Lest my readers grow concerned that I am becoming a "holy roller" (Ryan expressed mock concern that I was turning into "one of those religious freaks"), I should probably offer up some recipes.

Unfortunately, nothing remarkable has been happening in the kitchen of Chez Amanda. I've been making an effort to clean out the freezer. Ryan jokes that I have food in there from the Carter administration. (Since neither of us was so much as a twinkle in our parents' eyes during that administration, it's safe to chalk that up to hyperbole.) We've had lasagna, turkey soup, taco soup, and peanut soup the last few nights. Tonight we're using up some of the bounty from my mother-in-law's garden and are having BLTs and corn-on-the-cob.

Later this week, I'm hoping to try out these reicpes:

Lemony Pesto Potatoes
Southwest Lasanga Rolls
Bruschetta Chicken
CrockPot Chicken with potatoes and carrots
Fiesta Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas
Coconut Beef


As if the sewing machine (hopefully) arriving tonight wasn't exciting enough, I have another exciting delivery arriving tomorrow afternoon.

But I think I'm going to leave you hanging on that one *<}]:o)

(Shout out to my friend who taught me the Uni-Brow-Clown-Smiley.)
Stop back tomorrow evening to see what it is I'm so excited to be getting! (Hint: It's a wedding present from all my mom's siblings [all 11 of 'em!]. And I've mentioned, on here, wanting one very much.)