Monday, December 3, 2007

I know it must get easier....

...because otherwise my mom would charge more to put in zippers for people.

This zipper, the zipper in Darren's coat, is the second one I've ever replaced. (The first was in my coat, a couple weeks back.) Yup, I know it doesn't match, but it was what I had, and given the ice storm we got this weekend, I figured a functional zipper was more important than a matching zipper.

Honestly, it wasn't the sewing in that was a pain, it was figuring out how to take the darn thing out. Each side had 3 seams that needed to be undone. On the left side (in the picture), there's a placket behind the zipper. That had to first be sewn to the zipper before the zipper could be sewn in the coat. On the other side, there's the velcro placket. While that didn't necessarily need to be taken off, it made it a whole lot easier to get the zipper in. So on that size, I had to first sew in the zipper, then sew the velcro placket back on. It was a bit of a pain, but still much cheaper than buying a new coat.

Also this weekend I finished Sock #1 for a sock swap I'm participating in on Ravelry:

(It's from the book Knitting Vintage Socks. But don't ask me which pattern right now.)

It's not really that color at all, though it does show up as a pretty color. It's more greenish than that. (Not that it matters a whole lot.) I am a little concerned, though, about the sizing. My secret pal said that her foot, a size 11, is 10.25" long. Thus, when the pattern said to knit until it was 2.25" shorter than the desired length, I knit it 8", then started the toe. Unfortunately, I ended up with a sock that fits my size 8/9 foot. Sigh. So I emailed her (from my secret email address) and asked her to measure one of her socks from heel to toe and let me know how long it is. I fear I'm going to end up having to frog the toe.

Lunch today (for those of you who care), was Egg Noodles with Alfredo Sauce (from Tammy, so ya know it's good! oh, and it freezes well) and roasted squash. It was yummy (of course).

I'm thinking I'm going to participate in the Biblical Womanhood Making Your Home a Haven Challenge (two separate links, by the way). I do still live with my parents (that's to change, soon, hopefully!), but I still think I can benefit from the challenge. I'll be a bit behind, since it was supposed to start this morning (and it's now nearly 3:30), but I should be able to get caught up on most of it tonight. One of today's challenges is to create a morning routine of five items and post it. I'll try to get that done in a bit.

Oh, and we got our first snowfall here this weekend! (Sadly, it came with a great deal of ice, as well, but I'll take it where I can get it!)