Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ETA: I want to appologize for the lack of paragraphs. I deplore when people fail to use proper paragraphs, but no matter what I do, blogger will not let me!

Okay, so the tree is not an exciting picture, but I feel obligated to post SOME picture with every post. This is from our trip to the park on Saturday. It was unseasonably warm here (80-ish, I believe) and it seemed wrong to not take advantage of the weather. (And, of course, father-son antics took place as well. My first born child is being tossed in the air here. I generally avoid watching this sort of thing. I know that Ryan won't really drop him, but if I don't watch, I don't have to worry.)

I'm using the nice weather as my excuse for not doing much. I do need to start sewing again, though--it turns out that the pants I sewed for Darren are more than a little too big. They're too big in every way. They may fit him in a year. (Oh, and might I also mention that my mom made a pair, too. So I now have two pairs of pants way too big for him.) B/c the pattern is Kwik-Sew, though, this means I have to trace out another one. Tracing is far from my favorite thing today. I will be home all day tomorrow, though, so that's on my list of things to do.
I must also take a picture of the onsie-outfit-thing that I'm knitting for Darren. I started it, oh, last December or so when I was still pregnant. I even did the back first, because it was boring--straight stockinette, broken up only by ribbing--and I wanted to get it done while I still had the excitement of a new project going for me. For unknown reasons, it was relagated to the Pile of Forgotten Projects, doomed to be forgotten. Until, that is, Knitting Daily came out with it's UFO (unfinished objects) poll. In tallying my UFOs, I suddenly remembered this romper. Inspired mainly by a lack of any real knitting projects, I decided to dig it out. And honestly, I have NO idea why I put it down. The back (read: the boring part) was done, and I was nearly finished with the boring part of the front: the lower, stockinette part was done, and I only needed to do about 8 rows of ribbing, and then it was on to the fun, patterned part of the front. Now that I've gotten going on it, though, I'm a bit concerned that, even though it's in blue, it's going to look too girly. (I've found that collars tend to do that.) However, I've also decided that I don't care. My kid is going to wear this, whether it make him look like a girl or not!
I can just imagine: 30 years from now, my son's on a therapist's couch saying, "It all started when she made me wear this girly romper...."